“Numerology projections will fascinate you for your entire life.”

― William Kennett


About Me.

Anjali Rajwaney is an empowering Numerologist. She has done intensive research on numbers and their impact on human life. She has successfully used this number science to counsel and has created major shifts in the life of people who have been associated with her. She guides people to align with their numerological essence so as to achieve their full potential and have a sense of being in awareness of their life. She has conducted many workshops on the power of numbers.

Her belief is, “Numbers are the key to unlock the blocks and unfold the mystery of life.”



"Its All About Numbers"


The science of numbers, based on the laws of the universe - Laws that govern the Planets, Moon cycles, Tides ,Seasons, Etc.... A science that existed since the start of civilization. In India - Vedic Numerology ( 12th century Bc to 6th century Bc) was based on the resonance of planets, providing keys to understand human behaviour and the wheel of karma. In Greece - Pythagorean Numerology was founded by Pythagoras (570 B.C.) the famous Greek philosopher, who believed that ' The world Is Built On The Power Of Numbers' The Chinese, Japanese, Egyptians, Hebrews, Babylonians and Mayans also contributed to this Science.



To create an awareness through the science of numbers that carry information Of Cosmic Planetary Radiation On The Human Energy Field -
1)Energy is the essence of all existence. Effective Healing takes place when there is an Energy Shift.
2) To Make each individual in charge of their lives by understanding their Personality Traits, Weaknesses and Strengths.



The Mathematical Form of the Birthdate and Name is computed in different combinations to ascertain the unique blend of energies comprising an individual's Life and journey.


Result & Conclusion

1)Identifying issues related to personality types and balancing them.
2)Understanding relationships with self, money, people and health.
3)Astral healing-Ascertaining astral vibrations to get a deeper understanding of ones journey.
4) Forecasting of phases of an individual's Life so that one can navigate their life's journey.
'Being forewarned is being fore armed'
Numerology uncovers the many aspects of Human consciousness, Energy patterns and cycles. The Specific Laws contained in the numbers would greatly help Psychotherapists, doctors, healers and others to empower and heal people from all walks of life.
Numbers are the Alchemists of our Life - "It's all in our Numbers "
Anjali S Rajwaney
Numerologist and Numerology workshop facilitator has helped people from varied fields to align with their numerological essence and bring about major shifts in their lives.



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